Concrete on GPU


Is there any way to use GPU back-end with concrete-lib without knowing the details of concrete-core implementation? I have run a simple homomorphic integer operation using concrete. Now I want to test the same with GPU back-end.


GPU support has not made its way up to concrete yet, it is being worked on.

GPU support for booleans was finalized recently and other parts will come in the future.

OK, thanks anyway.
One more thing I aspire to know, is there any kind of training or workshop on concrete or concrete-core that you guys organize?

Interesting suggestion, there is nothing planned yet. Do you have anything in mind regarding topics covered during this training/workshop?

It might cover,
-Brief understanding of how concrete work.
-Hands on building applications with concrete may it be a client-server model or standalone for a real life problem for example
-Detailed understanding how concrete-core works
-How one can build their own back-end and use it with concrete-framework

All of the documents are well informative but doing it by self with the guidance from anyone who understand it completely, might be a good opportunity to learn and understand concrete better.

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Thanks for your answer! We will keep you updated!

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