Could not find `prelude` in `concrete_core`

I am trying to use the concrete core library yet when I try to compile the example given here : , I get the error “could not find prelude in concrete_core”.

I am using a mac M1 using the solution from here Running Concrete on Apple M1 - #2 by alex

I have latest version of rust and use CLions.
My cargo looks like this

name = "untitled"
version = "0.1.0"
edition = "2021"

concrete-core = "0.1.1"
concrete-commons = "0.2.1"`

So my main question is : How to fix this error and what other dependencies should I install to fully use concrete core.

Thank you for your help.

Hello @Victor ,

It turns out concrete-core made it to v1.0 a few days ago, see the announcement here.

The docs you are looking at are related to this new version, which is vastly different from the 0.1 version. You should be able to use it by setting concrete-core version to 1.0, and removing the concrete-commons dependency.

Edit: The link on m1 you are pointing is no more relevant, but we now have an experimental support for apple silicon chips. See the README for more informations on that.

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