Error building project using Concrete!

I’m trying to use Concrete for my project. I added Concrete in Cargo.toml dependencies as follows,

concrete = { version = “0.2.0-beta”, features = [ “integers” ] }

But, while building the project I got the following error -

“error[E0446]: restricted type GenericIntegerServerKey<P, N> in public interface”

It is build with no error in-case of features other than integer in Cargo.toml i.e. booleans and shortints.

Please, suggest how I can resolve this issue.


I cannot reproduce the issue locally.

For example if I create and empty binary project which depends on concrete:

cargo new try_concrete
cd try_concrete
cargo add concrete@0.2.0-beta --features integers

then cargo --release run works (concrete dependency is successfully built and the programs print hello world).

Could you try that ?
And also could you provide what OS are you running on, and the cargo --version and rustc --version that you are using ?

I tried the steps you have mentioned, but the following error occurred,
cargo add concrete@0.2.0-beta --features integers
error: no such subcommand: add

Did you mean `d`?

I’m working on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS
cargo --version
cargo 1.58.0 (f01b232bc 2022-01-19)
rustc --version
rustc 1.58.1 (db9d1b20b 2022-01-20)

So the problem is that rust 1.58 cannot compile concrete (I could reproduce the errors)
however more recent versions are able to.

Would you be able to update your rust version ?

Hey, I have updated the rust version to 1.63.0. Now it’s working fine.
Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

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