FheUint8 example halts at generate_keys

New to the community and just start to run the first example. And the program seems halt at generate_keys. May I know if anyone experience this?

I am using latest stable rust, and running on mac/ubuntu both result in the same issue

Hello, could you expand more on “halts” ? does to program actually stops or seems stuck ?

Key Generation is a step that can take a lot of time (the more bit of precision you need, the more time it takes).

Be sure to run the code in release mode cargo run --release as in debug mode (the default in rust)
it will take take a lot of time and may make it seems like the program is stuck.

Just tried it on the release run, and it finished in ~300s. And for a debug run, it just takes too long…

Thanks, I wonder i should store the key somewhere for next iteration.

Yes, you should do that.

There is a small utility KeyCacher that can help you for simple cases.