Group multiple LweCiphertext64 objects into one LweCiphertextVector64 object

Hey everyone,

I was wondering if there is any functionality to group multiple LweCiphertext64 objects stored in an ndarray::ArrayD or other container into one LweCiphertextVector64?

Many thanks!

Hello @irskid5

We are about to archive the Concrete library.
Concrete will soon be our compiler-based solutions (you may have already heard about concrete-numpy or concrete-ml that are built on top of it).

You should migrate to tfhe-rs our Rust library (a refactor of concrete library). Concrete library will no longer be updated and soon will be less supported. Do not hesitate to move your message to tfhe-rs section, or ask for support to migrate from Concrete to TFHE-rs.

Hey @alex ,

Thanks for the quick response! Yes, I’ve seen the work you are doing with TFHE-rs and all the other libraries. My use case involves bootstrapping several CTs at once (or rather, performing a PBS) using concrete-cuda for acceleration. I am also implementing a custom dot product which requires my LWE CTs to be in a container instead of a LweCiphertextVector object. When the time comes, I need to be able to move my LWE CTs into an LweCiphertextVector to perform the accelerated bootstrap and then I need to move them back into my container. I noticed some traits for loading and storing LWE CTs but they do not have any implementations. Is there an implementation coming soon? I would imagine even in a compiler you would need to be able to do this.