HNP release and fastest additional homomorphic scheme


I have recently taken notice of this awesome library and was wondering if the source code for HNP will be released, ever, or soon. Also, are there any updates on the GPU release of concrete?

Another question is about the benchmark of concrete. It takes a really long time on my laptop and I was wondering if the results can be found somewhere. I want to use a scheme for the addition of floating point numbers. Is RLWE recommendable for this? If not, what schemes do you recommend?



Hello @meerio,

We wont release HNP source code as it is no longer supported. We will soon publish (January) ConcreteFramework that will allow you to keep the same user experience, while having totally
different foundations that will save you from later troubles (at least we hope :slight_smile: ).

For GPU support nothing public is planned at the moment, but rest assured that as soon as it is ready for public release we will announce it.

And for your last questions on benchmark and Float numbers addition, could you please start a new discussion in Concrete Lib category, that could be useful for other users of ConcreteLib I guess.

Thank you.