Can FhEVM zkp in the future?

I think zkp is a good way to prove that the result of an operation is correct after the operation in fhEVM. However, the difficulty level seems to be very high. I see on your site that you are considering zkp because of the mention of “zkFHE”, but what about zkfhEVM?

Hi @hokosugi, we are indeed looking into how to mix ZK and FHE for blockchain use cases, including rollups and outsourcing heavy computations. Research can still improve efficiency here so stay tuned :slight_smile:


There does not appear to be any functions or commands for generating client_key and server_key key pairs in the fhEVM library. Is the generate_keys command in TFHE-rs unnecessary for fmEVM? Or is it already generated and the client_key stored locally somewhere too?

Hello @hokosugi,
In the fhEVM, the keys have already been generated so there is no need to generate them again.
The client_key (or private key) is distributed amongst the validators. Each validator also has a copy of the server_key to be able to perform FHE operations. In addition, we store a public_key on-chain that can be retrieved by users to encrypt their transactions inputs as you can see in this example.

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