Can we do operation on multiple circuit result?

Consider there are different types of data which is not available to us at a single time. It will be available at different times - then in that case creating seperate circuit for each different type of data makes sense as data needs to be encrypted with each circuit.

But problem is can we do operation on the result from different circuit result ?

Hello @ujjwal_gupta and welcome to the community :slight_smile:

The feature for using encrypted results from a circuit as inputs in another circuit is not supported at the moment, but is part of our roadmap, and work has started to support it in future releases.

I’m not quite sure I understood the use-case, but as a workaround, you might be able to achieve it while decrypting the result, and encrypting it again, if the use-case allows it.

yeah decrypting the result and encrypting it again - it works : but its like a communication through the client and asking to decrypt which is not a good solution.

I am happy to know you guys are already working on this. I will be waiting for this feature.