Cannot compile example code (Concrete-Numpy)

I’ve been trying to do the concrete-numpy tutorial.
I have problem with executing this code.

import concrete.numpy as cnp

@cnp.compiler({"x": "encrypted"})
def f(x):
    return x + 42

inputset = range(10)
circuit = f.compile(inputset)

assert circuit.encrypt_run_decrypt(10) == f(10)

I could compile code without decorator.
the error says
@cnp.compiler({“x”: “encrypted”})
AttributeError: module ‘concrete.numpy’ has no attribute ‘compiler’

I built an environment using Docker.
If I missed any information required to solve this, please let me know.

Hi @AAA0,

Could you tell us what did you do exactly? Also, your os, python and pip versions please :slight_smile: