Client-Server API


I want to explore the use of TFHE for some Federated Learning applications, and found two possible python implementations of it I could use. One is NuFHE, which has a client-server API but only encrypts binary arrays and implements (bootstrapped) binary gates. The other is Concrete Numpy which has a bigger message space, leveled operations and has already implemented programmable bootstrapping, but does not have a client-server API.

I was wondering if Zama had a timeline for when a client-server API may be implemented, to see if it may fit with my research deadlines or not.

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Hello @ardeekings and thanks for your interest in Concrete Numpy!

Client/Server API is definitely in our must-have features for next release. It is a pity we were not able to have it for 0.2.0 version but it will be available in the next one, which will be released early April 2022.

It should be as easy to use as our early prototype, which was described eg in Evaluating recurrent neural networks over encrypted data using NumPy and Concrete | by Ayoub Benaissa | Zama | Medium, with encrypt, run, decrypt, keygen API’s (not sure of the final names).


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