Concrete-core Benchmarks

Hi everyone,

I was looking for bootstrapping benchmarks on GPU to get an idea of the benefits of using GPUs.

I’m not too familiar with concrete-core. Is discard_bootstrap_lwe_ciphertext the bootstrapping function that can run on either GPU or CPU depending on the engine?

Additionally, I couldn’t find this function being benchmarked in concrete-core-benchmark with feature backend_cuda enabled. Does it exist and how do I run it?

Alternatively, can someone point me out if there’s a benchmark where these results came from:


Hi @austin!

In order to execute the Cuda PBS benchmark you can run:

RUSTFLAGS="-Ctarget-cpu=native" cargo run -p concrete-core-bench --release --features=backend_cuda -- --bench LweCiphertextVectorDiscardingBootstrapFixture2

The benchmarks in the post have been obtained on a V100 GPU. You can change the parameters of concrete-core-fixture/src/fixture/lwe_ciphertext_vector_discarding_bootstrap_2 to increase the number of inputs, change the polynomial size, etc.

Let me know if you have issues with the command or if you have further questions.