Concrete.numpy in google colab

I want to use concrete.numpy in google colab, I try to install it, but I don’t get

we can help me, please?


Google colab currently uses python3.7 by default, while there is no support for that specific version by a dependent package. Switching to 3.8, 3.9, or 3.10 should work (tested that it works with 3.8).

Thanks for your answer; I tell you that I update python to 3.8.1 in google colab, and I try to install concrete-numpy, but I don’t get install it

Forgot to mention that you also need to update the pip version to 20.3 or higher (!pip install --upgrade pip)

Thanks, I update pip but I don´t get install concrete-numpy

Can you help me?

Note that you need to install the graphviz package first if you need to install the extra dependency pygraphviz as explained in the docs. In colab, it would be running !apt-get install graphviz graphviz-dev

Thanks for your answer, I did it in colab but concrete.numpy doesn’t work

I installed “concrete” and run some examples in, this works well

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Colab is somehow limited. I personally tried installing and running concrete numpy from a python script (using !python and it works, but I couldn’t use a kernel with python3.8 and concrete numpy installed. Glad you found an alternative that works.

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