Crypto Parameters used in concrete numpy

Hello everybody!

What are the crypto parameters used in concrete numpy corresponding to LWEParams and RLWEParams in concrete? Or is this dynamically handled?

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Hello @martin

Cryptographic parameters ensure security, fast computation and correctness with a given probability error of the result.

In the current version, we are using precomputed values for this parameters to cover most of the cases and the correct preset is dynamically chosen by concrete-compiler.

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Hello all!

As a follow-up to this: Is it possible to return or otherwise look at the specific preset that was used for a computation?

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Hello @DavidD,

With concrete-compiler you will be able to compile your Numpy program to a library, in this case compiler will also generate a json file for the client part with all these parameters but for now this entry points are not yet connected in the concrete-numpy package.

This should be for next version coming end of March.