DeserializeCompact throws an error

I am a developer who wants to use fhevm.

I am in the process of combining fhevm-go and go-ethereum, but the following error appears in the DeserializeCompact part.
“ERROR verifyCiphertext Run() compact ciphertext size is invalid module=fhevm-go type=3 size=16604 expectedSize=16732”

I tested with fhevm’s task:identity:initRegistry and used a key generated using fhevm-tfhe-cli v0.2.4.

Do you use the release or did you fetch directly main branch? Release v0.1.6 · zama-ai/fhevm-go · GitHub
New features are coming in main branch which involves breaking changes. For example, we switch from tfhe-rs v0.4.1 to v0.5.2 which makes ciphertext incompatible.
To get correct version of everything, I suggest you to refer to the Changelog which list compatible versions.