Encryption and decryption on solidity

Hi, when writing a smart contract on Solidity language following the video (Private Smart Contracts Using Homomorphic Encryption), there were 3 lib files used, that are not available for use in remix. Is there a repository where they can be found?

Hello @savious,

Sorry, we did not came across your question before. We did not even have a product category for our fhEVM as it’ll be released next week during EthCC.

I’ve now moved your question in this newly created category, our team will come back to you asap.

By the way, congratulation for being the first ever to ask a technical question about Zama’s soon_to_be_released fhEVM :slight_smile:

Our library is now available on npm and you can use it directly in Remix fhevm - npm

To use it, you need to deploy your contract on a blockchain using fhEVM. We’ll release a docker image to experiment locally, but for now you can use the node we launched for our hackathon on https://devnet.zama.ai/

Here some resources:

I hope it will help you to play with fhEVM!

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