Fhevmjs RuntimeError: unreachable

Hello, I’m trying use the javascript application and send data to the smart contract but I’m getting an error when I try to encrypt a number. I’m getting the same error when I try CLI.

I’m using fhevm version 0.3.0 and fhevm version 0.3.2. This code was working fine couple of weeks back, is it because of the newer version ?

throw err;

RuntimeError: unreachable
at wasm://wasm/002d37f2:wasm-function[536]:0x908bf
at wasm://wasm/002d37f2:wasm-function[706]:0xa4bd9
at wasm://wasm/002d37f2:wasm-function[685]:0xa054b
at wasm://wasm/002d37f2:wasm-function[303]:0x4774c
at CompactFheUint8List.encrypt_with_compact_public_key (C:\Users\ra_10\node_modules\node-tfhe\tfhe.js:3881:18)
at encrypt8 (C:\Users\ra_10\node_modules\fhevmjs\lib\node.cjs:63:50)
at Object.encrypt8 (C:\Users\ra_10\node_modules\fhevmjs\lib\node.cjs:194:36)
at C:\Users\ra_10\Downloads\Thesis\Git Repo\BC_HE_LinearRegression\Zama\Statistical Operations\MedianV8\set_data.js:38:33
at [_onLine] [as _onLine] (node:internal/readline/interface:421:7)
at [_line] [as _line] (node:internal/readline/interface:894:18)

Node.js v18.18.0

If you’re using our devnet, you need to use fhevm 0.4.0 and fhevmjs 0.4.0.

If you want to use a local docker image, we recommend you to use our update version of fhevm hardhat template GitHub - zama-ai/fhevm-hardhat-template: fhEVM hardhat template