Getting started with fhevmjs

I’m trying to use the fhevm js library to communicate with a smart contract that has been deployed on sepolia testnet using metamask but haven’t been able to do so.

Is it possible to use Ethereum sepolia as a provider instead of zama in js ? If so, how can I do that?

Thank you

Hello and welcome :slight_smile:
The fhEVM Solidity library is working only on networks using the fhEVM. fhEVM is the EVM developed by Zama. You can use our devnet to deploy your contract and use it. See our documentation Connecting to Zama Devnet - fhEVM

To simplify your work, I suggest you take a look at our templates for React/Vue/Next. I think it can be useful to start with fhevmjs. Using a template - fhEVM


Thank you, I was able to interact with the smart contract through remix after deploying it to zama devnet.

I noticed that the currency used there is ZAMA and not ether. does that mean that zama is a separate blockchain and not part of ethereum?

Yes, The Zama Devnet is a separate blockchain, also using the EVM. That’s why you can use classic “ethereum tools” such as Remix, Metamask, Solidity compiler, …

EDIT: also, you can use our forked version of Remix which allows you to encrypt data :slight_smile:

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