How long does it take to bootstrap a single-bit ciphertext in tfhe-rs

the parameter set is configured as:TLWE dimension is 500,TRGSW dimension is1024,k is 1,l is 2

@xuyangfu you can run a bootstrap in a loop with those parameters, we don’t have benchmarks for this particular parameter set.


Thank you very much, I am experimenting about TFHE bootstrapping time and need to compare it with tfhe-rs library, do you have any data about the time needed for tfhe-rs to perform bootstrap?

we have this benchmark page in the documentation, you can check which parameters are used in our code base

e.g. here for shortint/integer tfhe-rs/tfhe/src/shortint/parameters/ at main · zama-ai/tfhe-rs · GitHub

here for boolean tfhe-rs/tfhe/src/boolean/parameters at main · zama-ai/tfhe-rs · GitHub