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when i want to compile something wrong, but i dont know how to solve? can anyone give me some adivce?

Hello @wei_LI ,
Is this the only traceback you have, meaning you don’t have any other logs about this error that you could share ? If so, could you tell us which OS and architecture you are using ?

Thanks !

yes it is. i’m using WSL with intel x86 architecture to run this code.
i am looking forward ur response

Hello @wei_LI , could you maybe monitor RAM usage while running the model?

Out of memory errors when executing in FHE result in a killed processor at the moment as we don’t catch them.

i have enlarged the memory. when running this program, the monitor shows about 60% usage of memory, but still, i had the same errors, could tell me why ,thanks

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Thanks for your answer @wei_LI !

This is strange indeed, could you give us more details on your hardware configuration ? Using lscpu or lshw -C cpu for example ! Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

thanks for ur generous help! i am using wsl to program, here is my cpu in wsl

Thanks, we’ll investigate and get back to you when we know more about it !

ok! im looking forward to hear from you! thanks for ur generous help!

Hello @wei_LI !

As mentioned before, this is very likely the result of an out-of-memory error. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do to catch this (SIGKILL can not be caught), and give a more meaningful error message.

So unless you limit the memory available to the process by some ways (which you probably don’t do if you don’t know about this), it just means that you don’t have enough memory.

Could you tell us how big your ram is ?