Inference time is very high of VGG


The inference time is very high of the following example available at Zama site
Neutral network fine-tuning: Fine-tune a VGG network to classify the CIFAR image data-sets and predict on encrypted data.

I am using a machine of 16 Core (2.1 Ghz) and 64 GB RAM. However it took 28.6 minutes for inference of a single image. The question is, How to decrease this inference time?

Hello @zakir ,
I’ll cite the answer given on GitHub by one of my colleague (@andrei-stoian-zama) :

One possible way to reduce latency is to use a bigger machine, since Concrete makes very good use of parallelism: we obtain around 40 seconds inference time on that model using the hpc7a instances on AWS.
A second possible approach is, depending on the use-case, to optimize your model by making it smaller or pruning it. You might want to look into structured pruning. See this section of the documentation about such techniques - some are already used in the CIFAR example that you link.

Hope that helps !

Thanks a lot for your kind reply. I will apply your suggestions/solutions and will update you accordingly.

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