Is the concrete-python updated?


I was trying to set up concrete-python on a new computer, and was then trying to run some piece of code that I had from another computer. The compile time is veeeery slow for integers larger than 100, while on my older computer this was not any problem.

I wonder if there is some difference in the python implementation I am not aware of? It seems very strange that the exact same code have dramatic differences in compile and runtime. Small numbers seems not to be any trouble.


Are you using the same version on both computers? what is the size in bits of your integers?

I think the version should be the same. Just downloaded the package via pip, that is why I am confused :slight_smile:

The size of the integers are around 10 bits.

Just to be sure, could you try pip freeze in both environments to check version.
Could you also describe both computers HW?

The version is 1.0.0 on the one machine, a old hp laptop, while it is 2.2.0 on the other, a newer hp laptop… I now realized…

It still strange, I would have preferred a speedup :slight_smile:

Could you share a piece of code so that we could see what could lead to such a difference?

FYI, I made a similar post about slow compile times, and got some useful tips. Try taking a look here in the meantime.


Thanks for the answer. However, I think there is some issue with the computer here that causes this. It worked on yet another computer that I tested…

Thanks for all help

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