Key generation issues in client server example

Hello there!
I am trying to run the example found at GitHub - zama-ai/concrete-example-client-server, but it takes very long creating the server_key (client_key took around 15min). The most I waited was around 1h.

Do I need to configure something extra? Or is there another way to generate my keys?


Are you running the client / server in release mode ?

cargo run --release -p server
cargo run --release -p client
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Thank you a lot! It took a while to compile the concrete-fftw v0.1.2 but now it’s working.

If your project compiles concrete-fftw, it means that no you are likely not using the latest version concrete="0.2.0".

This versions replaced the concrete-fftw dependency for a new zama-made one that is much faster to compile and gives better performances as well, so I encourage you to try it.


I juste realized, that you are trying our client server example, so it is our fault that it is not using concrete 0.2.0, we will fix that :innocent:


Thank you very much!
Great support!


The main branch of the client-server repository was updated to use the newest concrete.

Before running it, you will need to delete the old keys (rm client_key.bin && rm server_key.bin) from the older version as they are not compatible.