Lwe Encryption with tfhe-rs


I would like to test for an implementation the code bot line 179.
But impossible to make it work. Is it possible to get help with this library?

Hello @Alexis

which version of the crate are you using ?

If needed with version 0.5.3 you should be able to run the example from:

You can check the library docs here to configure rust for core crypto :

If you have an error can you share the code like a GitHub repo, the command you are running and the hardware configuration you have ?


Great, the code you sent me works in 0.5.3!

The problem on the part of the code I specified was “Gaussian::from_dispersion_parameter” and in the github doc it says to use tfhe version 0.6.0.
It seems to me that it hasn’t been released yet?


Yes the repo doc is for the upcoming 0.6 release.

Glad it works now !

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