May I ask how to visualize the circuit?

May I ask how to visualize the circuit?I want to know what a circuit is like.

Go through this document

and from this you can understand which methods does circuit class implement

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May I ask what is the relationship between circuit, graph, and mlir? I’m a bit confused.

Graph is a consequence of tracing the python program (which builds a DAG)
mlir is an abstract representation of the above DAG with FHE operators
Circuit is a result of compilation of an mlir producing artifacts like shared library object, client paramters json file ( mainly the client server components) which is not visible in JIT compilation
so basically you just combine mlir,client server parts as a single object with circuit class

@fanwell11111 , is everything clear for you now? Normally things are well described in What is Concrete? | 2.5 | Concrete but tell us if you feel something is unclear. Cheers