Possibility of Ciphertext Packing

Dear Community,

Is ciphertext packing possible in tfhe-rs? If packing is possible using GLWE/GGSW ciphertexts, is it possible to apply bootstrapping on packed Ciphers?!

Hello @divyesh

It’s possible to pack ciphertexts using private_functional_keyswitch_lwe_ciphertext_list_and_pack_in_glwe_ciphertext see an example here (docstrings will be updated shortly):

We don’t currently have a way to bootstrap packed ciphertexts as far as I know.


And what about SIMD operations, do packed ciphers have those?!


We did not write SIMD operations by hand for GLWE ciphertexts and I don’t remember GLWE ciphertexts having that many operations implemented at the moment, so I guess for some of those operations the compiler sometimes auto-vectorizes stuff for us

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