Running example on Docker extension of VSCode

I have recently installed the Concrete ML software using Docker (via the instructions on this website). I want to set up a simple example (the logistic regression example) using the Docker Extension on VSCode. I have found the “zamafhe/concrete-ml:v0.2.0” Docker container on VSCode, however I am not sure how to run the example inside the container, and my search on the internet has not brought a solution so far.

For now I have created a new python file and copied the code over there. The problem right now is that I am not able to upload this python file to the Docker container, or locate it in the folder that it is in. Is it something to do with setting paths?

Many thanks,

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Hi Mary,

If I understand correctly, you did docker pull zamafhe/concrete-ml:v0.2.0 and you installed the docker extension to vscode. So now when you open the docker extension you can see the image.

Next step is to create a container from the image. You can do this with the following command:

docker run -d -p 8888:8888 --name concrete-ml zamafhe/concrete-ml:v0.2.0

Now you should see the new container “concrete-ml” appear in vscode in the docker extension. You can just right click on it and click on Attach Visual Studio Code. This will open a new window of vscode. On the left you should see two buttons: [Open Folder] and [Clone Repository].

I suggest you first simply click on [Clone Repository] and paste this Once this is done you can click on [Open Folder] and go directly to where the examples are located in the project i.e. concrete-ml/docs/user/advanced_examples/.

At that point you should see all the example notebooks in the explorer. Notebooks are supported in vscode so I suggest you to open them in vscode (it will likely ask you to install some more extension/libs to be able to run them in vscode). If you want to use jupyter in your browser then you will have to launch a jupyter server with the jupyter notebook --allow-root command.

Let us know that works!


Thank you for your response, I can confirm that I can now see and run all the example notebooks in vscode!

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