Source code for concrete.compiler package

Hey guys,

Guess it is a silly question. But I really want to know where I can find the source code for the concrete.compiler package. It seems that in many .py files in concrete.numpy, classes imported from concrete.compiler play important roles. However, it seems that this concrete.compiler pageckage is not the one named under numpy/compilation/compiler.

For example, in, a class ClientSupport was imported from concrete.compiler. When searching for such a class in, I couldn’t find any.

Hello @suluz,

You’re right, concrete-numpy is the python frontend for our FHE compiler that is not yet open source. concrete-compiler being the python bindings for the compiler (you may have seen this dependency in concrete-numpy). We are currently reworking a bit our products and that’s why we delayed the open sourcing, but it should come end of Q1 (end of March’23).

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your clarification. I guess I shall move on to the source code of TFHE for details.

Yes, if you are interested in TFHE cryptographic primitives implementation you could check our latest library tfhe-rs

Note that our compiler do more than just providing the cryptographic primitives, for each input program, it finds the best cryptographic parameters to ensure security and correctness. In the library, you will find hardcoded parameters that are good trade-off.

So it really depends on the details you are looking for.