Using Circom to Prove Decryption

Hello, I want to create a library which proves decryption of a cyphertext generated by Concrete Numpy/ Concrete ML. I have been digging through the Rust code for a little and was wondering where I could find the parameters used for the TFHE? Also any tips and things to look out for would be greatly appreciated.


Hello, sorry we missed your question!

Which parameters do you want to know more about? There are some precomputed ones for shortint here: tfhe-rs/ at main · zama-ai/tfhe-rs · GitHub

Note that concrete-numpy and concrete-ml (via concrete-numpy) are based on the concrete-compiler (to be open sourced in the near future) which itself can compute those parameters dynamically.

Maybe your question is better suited for the Zama Concrete Numpy - Zama community forum and support category?