Where can i download 8_bit_model.pt

I want to learn about fhe work on cifar. But when i run program i cant find where to download file like’8_bit_model.pt’ , ‘clear_module.pt’ ,‘encrypted module.py’. can anybody tell me how to solve?

Hi @wei_LI,

The 8_bit_model.pt file is in concrete-internal/use_case_examples/cifar/cifar_brevitas_with_model_splitting/8_bit_model.pt.

Could you please confirm if the file is indeed present in that specific location?


the file is indeed in this location. but this kind of pt file needs to be downloaded. the original file cant be used. can you tell me where to download?

Hello @wei_LI , you need to git lfs pull the file. :slightly_smiling_face: